Day 2: Thrusday 25 April

1. Integration of cross-cutting issues in NAPs,Tunnie Srisakulchairak, UN Environment.

2. Disaster Risk Reduction and Synergies With Adaptation, Ronald Jackson - Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA).

3. Introduction to monitoring and evaluation in adaptation, Elena Pita, Programme Officer, UN Environment.

4. Update on national adaptation plans – from formulation to implementation,Kenel Delusca researcher, member of the LEG (Least Developed Countries Expert Group) and principal author of the sixth IPCC report on climate change.

5. Learning from experience, Elena Pita, Programme Officer, UN Environment.

6. REGATTA overview, Sebastian Rodríguez, Adaptation Specialist, UN Environment.

7. Gender Responsive Climate Change Adaptation and resilience building, Leisa Perch, UN Women.