All about REGATTA

All about Regatta

With financial support from the Government of Spain, UNEP pioneer an innovative and dynamic support mechanism: the Regional Getaway for Technology Transfer and Climate Change Action for Latin America and the Caribbean – REGATTA.

REGATTA´s objective is to strengthen capacity and knowledge sharing of climate change technologies and experiences for adaptation and mitigation in Latin America and the Caribbean.

This regional Network is also contributing to the implementation of the Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) in the region, through the organization of joint virtual seminars and the provision of technical support to the development of countries ‘proposals.


LAC Countries have stronger capacity to develop low carbon emission climate resilient development strategies

REGATTA is supporting the mainstreaming of Climate Change Adaptation in National Development Plan, strengthening the dialogue for the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process in participating countries.

LAC countries are connected and have more access to relevant and updated information on Climate Change

Through the Communities of Practice and webinars, REGATTA compiles climate change information, gathers experiences, disseminates cutting-edge knowledge and builds a stronger connection among relevant individuals from several sectors and sub-regions.

Development of the Regional Lighting Efficiency Strategy in Central America

REGATTA and the en.lighten initiative provided technical support for the development of the regional strategy to accelerate market transformation to environmentally sustainable lighting technologies. The strategy, endorsed by the Ministers of Energy, includes the gradual phase-out of inefficient incandescent lamps in the region by the end of 2016. Click here for more info.

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