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Climate Finance

Gasto público y adaptación al cambio climático: análisis de Colombia, el Ecuador, Nicaragua y el Uruguay

December 2014

BUSINESS UNUSUAL: Why the climate is changing the rules for our cities and SMEs

November 2015

Climate Change: Implications for Investors & Financial Institutions

June 2014

Understanding climate science: IPCC briefings.

Climate finance for cities and buildings - A handbook for local governments

September 2014

Finance for Food

April 2014

Towards new agricultural and rural finance

How can the public sector incentivize private investment?

The Flows of Climate Finance Diagram illustrates the most comprehensive inventory of climate finance flows along their life cycle for the latest year available, mostly 2012. Click on each box for more detail about the actors, instruments, and uses of climate finance.

II Climate Finance Regional Dialogue - Summary Report - Lang. Spanish

July 2013

Informe sobre la brecha financiera para la adaptación

The 2016 Adaptation Finance Gap Report explores the costs of meeting adaptation needs and assesses the funding that is available for meeting those needs. It suggests that although international public funding for adaptation has increased in recent years, the previous assessments of the costs of adaptation have involved significant underestimates. This leaves us with a gap – the adaptation finance gap – which we need to fill if we are to meet the ambitions of the Paris Agreement.

KLAVE Finanzas Verdes

KLAVE FV es una herramienta de conocimiento online que sirve como recurso para los Bancos Nacionales de Desarrollo (BND), Instituciones Financieras (IFs) y actores en América Latina y el Caribe (ALC) para promover inversiones verdes, actividades y programas de mitigación del cambio climático.

Microfinanzas para la Adaptación con base en Ecosistemas

March 2017

Ecosystem based Adaptation demonstration farms

Políticas climáticas en países desarrollados: impacto en América Latina

December 2014