Day 1: Wednesday 24 April

1. NAP-GSP Overview, Tunnie Srisakulchairak, Programme Management Officer, Climate Change, UN Environment.

2. The Climate Science Case for Adaptation, Jakaja Campbell,Climate Studies Group, University of West Indies.

3. Climate Risk Adaptation and Insurance in the Caribbean, Daniel McGree, Climate Risk Adaptation and Insurance in the Caribbean.

4. Urban Ecosystem based Adaptation approach, Clifford Mahlung Consultant, Climate Change Unit Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean UN Environment.

5. Kingston & St. Andrew EbA Profiles, Luke Buchanan, GIS Expert from Mona Informatix Limited.

6. Ecosystems-Based Risk and Vulnerability Assessment in Jamaica, Le-Anne Roper, Climate Change Division.

7. Urban EbA Stakeholder engagement, Ronald Blake, CEO, Jamaica 4H.