2017, Georgetown, Guyana- Caribbean NAP Training Workshop

2017, Georgetown, Guyana- Caribbean NAP Training Workshop Objectives of the workshop: 

i. To increase countries capacity to formulate and implement a NAP process in-country, as a means to accelerate adaptation planning and implementation.
ii. To take stock of what countries are doing on NAPs and exchange lessons learnt and experiences.
iii. To increase understanding on prioritised technical issues around the formulation and implementation of NAPs, including cost-benefit analysis and gender.

Desired output:

i. Establishment of a Caribbean NAPs Community of Practice

Participating countries: Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia and Suriname

International and Regional Participating organizations: FAO, PROVIA, WHO, UN-Habitat, CARICOM and CCCCC.

Organizers: UN Environment, UNDP.

In collaboration with: NAP-GSP; REGATTA; CTCN.

The workshop was organized through 9 thematic sessions related to the preparation and implementation of the National Adaptation Plans for Climate Change (NAPs):

Session 1 - Introduction to the NAP process - Brief overview of the PNACC process, existing tools and guides available to guide and support countries.

Session 2 - Developing NAPs: a stocktake - Policy and Legal frameworks for NAPs, on-going NAP processes in the region.

Session 3 - Experiences in the NAP process -Exchange of countries experiences in the NAPs design and implementation and lessons learned.

Session 4 - Financing NAPs - Sources of financing for developing and implementing NAPs.

Session 5 - NAPs and integrating sectors - Integrating sectors into NAPs.

Session 6 - Technical aspects of elaborating NAPs - integrating gender.

Session 7 - Technical aspects of elaborating NAPs - Prioritising adaptation options and cost-benefit analysis.

Session 8 - Support programmes for NAPs - Support programmes avaiñable for developing and implementing NAPs 

Session 9 - NAPs Community of practice - Introduction of the NAPs Community of Practice and prioritization of topics.

Caribbean NAP Training workshop Agenda

Caribbean NAP Training Workshop List of Participants

Caribbean NAP Training Workshop report

Regional briefing on NAPs: Caribbean in focus