Martes, 31 Mayo 2016

Chile, Colombia and Cote D’Ivoire are first countries to complete technology transfer projects

In Colombia, the CTCN identified a set of criteria to prioritize economic sectors with the highest potential to improve effective energy use. Based on prioritization of transport and industry sectors, experts proposed new actions, policy instruments, and transversal measures for the country to implement. These CTCN recommendations are now being incorporated in a new national policy framework, which will officially become law.

Chile requested technical assistance to design a national system for monitoring climate change impacts on biological diversity and associated ecosystem services. The resulting system includes standards and protocols for monitoring biological and environmental variables; climate scenarios; networks and policies for information exchange and data management; as well as institutional and operational architecture. The monitoring system is now an integral component of Chile’s National Climate Change Adaptation Plan, which will be used as the primary means to gather reliable data for informing strategies and policies for biodiversity conservation and adaptation to climate change.