Key institutions

Instituto de Estudios Ambientales -IDEA- Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Sede Bogotá

Instituto de Estudios Ambientales -IDEA- Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Sede Bogotá

Type of Institution:

Government agency, Research centre

Work field:


  • Water ressources
  • Awareness raising & training
  • Vulnerability and impact analysis
  • Ecosystems based adaptation


  • Awareness raising & training




IDEA is an interfaculty institute at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, which carries out interdisciplinary research, teaching, and outreach through its 4 locations in Bogota, Manizales, Medellin, and Palmira; each under the management of their respective vice-rectors. The mission of IDEA is to contribute to environmental knowledge through interdisciplinary and inter-institutional work. It is based on a vision whereby cultures and ecosystems can interact and grow in a sustainable way, and challenges facing tropical regions can be addressed to improve the quality of life. This vision can be realized through ideas, the educational process, scientific investigation, and technological development. The institute develops the work as an interdisciplinary, interfaculty entity at the multiple locations of the Universidad Nacional, and includes research, teaching, and extension activities. The institute is called upon to cooperate with society as a whole to encourage sustainable development. Extension activities include work with governmental organizations, and involve formulating, reframing, and taking part in development policies or legal/administrative frameworks. In addition, IDEA cooperates with NGOs and the private sector in order to discover new paths to sustainability.