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Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) 


Adaptation, Mitigation


SIDA works to implement the Swedish development policy that will enable poor people to improve their lives with three main assignments:

  • On behalf of the Swedish government, suggest strategies and policies for Swedish international development cooperation.
  • Implement the strategies and manage interventions, (including monitoring and evaluation of results).
  • Participate in Sweden’s advocacy work and in the dialogue with other countries, donors and recipient countries, as well as with international organisations and other actors.


Agriculture Sustainable agriculture

Eligible organisations:

In order to implement strategies and carry out its work Sida cooperates with a large number of organisations, associations, agencies, companies and cooperatives. Each organisation seeking opportunities to work with SIDA must be in contact directly with a SIDA partner or with SIDA directly.

Eligible Projects or Programmes:

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Proposal/Application requirements:

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Proposal evaluation criteria:

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How to Apply:

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Additional information:

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