Financing opportunities

French Development Agency




Help countries in their economic development and infrastructure projects, while emphasizing the projects’ sustainability goals.

Eligible organisations:

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Eligible Projects or Programmes:

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Proposal/Application requirements:

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Proposal evaluation criteria:

AFD only contractually undertakes to finance a project provided a) there is a favorable outcome to AFD’s preparation and appraisal procedure for the relevant project, b) its internal decision-making bodies approve financing for the relevant project and c) the financing agreement is signed with terms that are satisfactory to AFD.

How to Apply:

Applications for project funding have to be submitted by the local contracting authorities to the AFD offices that identify the project. 1. Together with the contractor, the AFD then undertakes a preliminary appraisal of the project idea. 2. A feasibility study is done by a consulting firm engaged on the initiative of the contracting authorities. 3. A technical study, marketing survey and financial projections are all part of the feasibility study. If the study is positive, the local office, in collaboration with the operational departments at AFD headquarters, makes the decision to take the project development process a step further.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Funding limit for individual projects:

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Activities supported: